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Silicone Rubber [High Heat, Resistance, Molded]

Silicone is made from silicon, oxygen, and hydrogen and is well known for its versatility and resistance to extreme temperature exposure. Silicone retains its flexibility well, and features excellent compression set properties. This material exhibits excellent resistance to outdoor elements including ozone, oxygen and moisture. Standard color for silicone is reddish-orange.

- One of the widest temperature ranges for elastomers

- Excellent for extreme temperature applications and environmental exposure

- Great flexibility retention

- Excellent compression set

- Standard Temperature Range: -100° to +450°F

- Hardness (Shore A): 25 to 80

- Custom Compounding: To meet specific standards and requirements, including material that has passed hurricane impact tests

Popular Uses

Window Seals, Door Seals, Strips, Medical Tubing, Water Tubing, Appliances, Electronics, HVAC Drains, Weather Seals, Outdoor Cable Protection, Fluid Transfer, Peristaltic Tubing, High Voltage Insulation, Custom Applications.


Aircraft, Aerospace, Military, Architectural, Railcar, Food Service, Automotive, Healthcare, Industrial, Electronics, Retail, Curtain Wall, Custom

Manufacturing Processes Available 

Extruded, Molded, Sheet

Vip Custom Services

Printing on Parts, Splicing, Pole Curing, Cut-To-Length, Custom Compounds, Custom Dies, Custom and Standard Shapes, Fabric Coated Extrusions/Mold, Fabric Reinforced Sheet, Co-extrusions, PSA application.