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Polyisoprene (NR) is a synthetic polymer, created to perform much like natural rubber.  The structure and properties are similar which make it a good synthetic alternative.  

Polyisoprene is used in many products and applications that require high gum tensile strength high hot tensile strength, good resilience, a lower water swell, and good tack.  

This elastomer is widely used in the automotive market, as well as many other industries.  Typical uses include gaskets, shock absorbers, sealants, and several extruded and molded applications. The medical field is growing with its overall use of polyisoprene as well.

Polyisoprene is a lower-cost, relatively versatile material choice, with high tensile, good tear strength and great resistance to fatigue.  However, this material is not a good fit for applications where the rubber part will be exposed to ozone, oils, or solvents.

Although chemically similar to natural rubber, polyisoprene has lower strength qualities than natural rubber, but better low-temperature properties. 

As a custom rubber manufacturer, we can create custom compounds to alter the strengths of polyisoprene rubber to fit your custom application.  We are ready to discuss your project!  

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