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Fluorosilicone | FVMQ | Rubber Manufacturer | Molded, Extruded, SheetFluorosilicone features the wide temperature stability of silicone combined with the resistance to fuel, oil and solvents that fluorocarbon exhibits. FVMQ compounds work well in applications exposed to ozone, sunlight, air, petroleum products, and is commonly used in the aerospace industry.

- Combines best features of silicone and fluorocarbon
- Good compression set
- Excellent resistance to heat and various chemicals Top choice for aerospace industry
- Top choice for aerospace industry 
- Standard Temperature Range: -65° to +400°F.
Hardness (Shore A): 40 to 80
- Custom Compounding: Can increase ranges, contact us for information

Fluorosilicone | FVMQ | Blue Rubber | Gasket

Fluorosilicone Elastomer Applications

- Molded Parts
- Automotive O-rings
- Rubber Sheet
- Heat Seals
- Tubing
- Aerospace Fuel Systems


- Combines best features of silicone and fluorocarbons
- Good Compression Set
- Top Choice For Aerospace Industry

Standard Temperature Range:  -75° to +400°F. (Dry Heat Only)
Hardness (Shore A): 40 to 80
Custom Colors: Yes
Custom Compounding: Can increase ranges and uses, contact us to get started

How To Spell Fluorosilicone

How Do You Spell Fluorosilicone?

This question has been asked many times. Some common misspellings include Florosilicone, Flourosilicone, Florosilicon, Flurosilicon.  Don't worry, just get close, we will know what you mean!

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