Ethylene-Propylene | EPDM

EPDM Coiled: Vip Rubber and Plastic Company

EPDM is known for its excellent resistance to ozone, mild acids, detergents, alkalis, silicone oils, alcohol and ketones. Due to its environmental resistance, this material is commonly used in the automotive, water (including hot and steam), HVAC and construction industries.
-Excellent resistance to weather

-Excellent water resistance

-Good heat resistance

-Good flexibility in low temperatures

-Standard Temperature Range: -40° to +250°F

-Hardness (Shore A): 40 to 90

-Custom Compounding: Can increase ranges, contact us for information

Common Uses For EPDM

Trust Vip to compound a material correctly to fit applications in specific industries.

  • Military: Seals, Gaskets, Tubing, Sheet
  • Aircraft: Window Seals, Tubing
  • Electrical: Washers, Seals 
  • Architectural: Window Seals, Setting Blocks 
  • Electrical: Connector Seals, Protective Cover
  • HVAC: Tubing 
  • Tanks & Silos: Seals, Tubing
  • Medical: Seals, Tubing
  • Marine: Bumpers, Boat Seals, Window Seals
  • Various: Weather Stripping, Seals, Sheet Rubber, Gaskets, Tubing, Custom Shapes & Sizes

EPDM Specifications

HH-G-156 Type 2
HH-G-156 Type 3
ASTM-D-2000 M1CA407
ASTM-D-2000 M2CA507 C32 F17

NOTES: EPDM rubber should not be used in applications exposed to petroleum based products, or environments with exposure to aromatic hydrocarbons. 

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