Vinyl Spline Extrusion


Those in the window screen industry know the importance of extruded vinyl spline.  In a nutshell, spline is what secures the window screen to the frame of the window. Spline allows the screen material to remain tight, with little to no slack.  

At Vip, we manufacture quality extruded spline that will last.  We offer both smooth and serrated spline in many sizes.  

$1.45/lb. minimum order 1,000 lbs.*
*Combine sizes to meet minimum (250 lbs. min per size) ​

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Available Diameter Sizes

Vinyl Spline Extrusion Black Coiled | Window Screen Sealing | Vip Rubber and Plastic

Tolerance +.006 / -.001

Available in smooth and serrated 

Approximate Footage Chart

SIZE 0.1100.1150.1200.1250.1300.1350.140
FT/15 LBS.2800257523752175200018751725
FT/30 LBS.5625515047504350402537503475
SIZE 0.1450.1500.1550.1600.1650.1700.175
FT/15 LBS.1625150014001325125011751100
FT/30 LBS.3250302528252675250023502225
SIZE 0.1800.1850.1900.1950.2000.2050.210
FT/15 LBS.1050975925875850800775
FT/30 LBS.2100197518751775170016251550
SIZE 0.2150.2200.2250.2300.2350.2400.245
FT/15 LBS.725700675625600575550
FT/30 LBS.1475140013501275122511751125
SIZE 0.2500.2550.2600.2650.2700.2750.280
FT/15 LBS.525500475450425400375
FT/30 LBS.10751050975950900850775

Vinyl Spline Extrusion Profile For Window Screen

$1.45/lb. minimum order 1,000 lbs.*
*Combine sizes to meet minimum (250 lbs. min per size) ​