Industries We Serve

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When it comes to versatility, and meeting the individual needs of  industries that require rubber and plastic solutions, Vip Rubber and Plastic has extensive capabilities to do just that.

With over half a century of manufacturing experience, there are very few market sectors Vip has not provided some kind of solution for. From seals on the Boeing airplane most people have flown on, to the rubber used in the suit that Val Kilmer wore in the 1995 blockbuster hit Batman, Vip's scope of manufacturing variety is inclusive of most industries.

Being a custom manufacturer, Vip is not limited to a product list and is able to create custom compounds, and produce new, custom parts to meet specific needs. Being first to market with a robust, innovative product helps to set our customers apart from their competition. Vip is able to move customer ideas from drawings and conceptions to completion - in all markets and sectors.

Listed below are the main industries we supply to, however Vip is not limited to this list.