Frequently Asked Questions

Who is my contact at Vip?

At Vip, we do work as a team, however, all accounts are specifically handled by an outside salesperson and a customer service representative. To find the correct contact to help you, please click here.

Do you have a Line Card?

Yes, we do have a line card. However, we are a custom manufacturer, so please know we create new things daily and are not limited to what is on this line card. It will give you a good overview of our capabilities and processes, but always talk to your sales or customer service representative if you need something custom! View our line card here.

Are you hiring?

At VIP, we are always looking for talented people to join our team. Our employees tend to stay with us for a long time, so don't often have openings, but we are constantly expanding, which means new jobs are being created! If you would like to be considered for employment in our California or Nevada locations,please send your resume to

Quoting/Order Questions

View our expert tips for quoting and ordering 

How long does it typically take to get a quote?

If all of the information is provided up front, a quote can be generated in 24-48 hours. Mold quotes typically take longer due to the need to quote tooling.

How can I follow up on my RFQ or Order?

If you would like to follow up on a quote, feel free to give us a call at 562.905.3456 or find your support team. Our customer service reps would be happy to help you! Please do allow 24-48 hours for our estimators to work on pricing your product. Everything is custom, so some quotes can take time to price properly. When an order is received, it is quickly logged into our system and then sent to our quality control department for review. Order entry will also carefully check the purchase order to confirm everything is correct and will send a final confirmation. The review process is critical to ensure parts are manufactured exactly as they should be, so please allow 24-48 hours for this confirmation to be completed. Please note that lead times begin once the order is confirmed.Please visit our CONTACT US page to find your customer service rep or sales person.

When will my order ship?

The approximate ship date is located on the order confirmation you receive from order entry after placing your order. Please refer to that document to check the date. If you there is any confusion, your customer service person would be happy to assist.  Please note that ship times are estimates. The nature of manufacturing rubber and plastic takes time, wisdom and can fluctuate based on environmental factors such as heat or cold. Vip will not send out a product that does not meet our standards of excellence, so we will do whatever it takes to get the part right.  UNDERSTANDING LEAD TIMES

Testing Procedures and Quality Control

Are First Article Inspections Available?

First Article Inspection (FAI) is an inspection performed on a part prior to beginning full production. Vip will create several pre-production pieces of a customer’s part and perform an in-depth evaluation to verify that all engineering, design and specification requirements are correctly understood, accounted for, verified and recorded. The inspection will also confirm that, as a supplier, our material, tooling, processes, documentation, and personnel can reliably and consistently produce a part that meet the customer’s requirement throughout the production process. Once it is determined that the part is ready for customer approval, the FAI, along with the physical part, will be shipped to the customer for approval. Once approved, Vip will move into the production phase and fulfill the order.

Please note that lead time for production begins after a first article is approved by the customer. Learn more about LEAD TIMES

First article inspection reports are extremely detailed, but are a very important part of the process. Some of the key components considered in an inspection are dimensional and cavity measurements, specification requirements, and design characteristics. Due to the fact that a FAI is primarily concerned with proving repeatability, it is not necessary to perform this inspection beyond the first production run unless something significant has changed dimensionally, such as new or modified tooling. Vip provides a FAI with each new order that requires one, however due to the labor intensive nature of this process, if a FAI is required on a re-order, there will be a minimum $350 charge applied to the order. The cost will be quoted at time of re-order and will depend on the complexity of the part.

Is material testing available?

Yes, we do offer material testing for customers - typical, standard and lot testing. Typical testing is available at no charge, standard testing is $150 and the price of full lot testing depends on each individual part.

Can Vip perform and AS9102 First Article Inspection?

Yes, we can perform an AS9102 FAI. The cost for this detailed test depends upon the complexity and dimensions of the part, as well as the number of parts required for the AS9102 FAI report. Talk to your customer service rep for more information. Please request testing at the time of quoting and/or ordering.

Can Vip supply a PPAP report?

Yes, a production part approval process (PPAP) is available to customers if required. This is not part of the standard reporting procedure due to it’s complex nature. A PPAP (level 1-3) will range in cost, and time required to complete the test, depending on which level test is needed. Talk to your customer service rep for more information. Please request a PPAP at time of quoting and/or ordering.

Is Vip qualified for any Boeing specs?

Yes, we are qualified to the BMS1-52, BMS1-57 and BMS1-72 spec.  We are currently in process of successfully manufacturing the BMS1-74 and hope to be ready to take orders soon.

What are Vip's quality certifications?

Vip is a certified AS9100 company (with ISO9001). We are also EAR/ITAR registered and compliant.  Vip is a Boeing approved facility.  Visit our QUALITY page for more information

Technical Questions

Can Vip make a drawing based on the sample we send in?

Yes, Vip can make a drawing from your sample. The cost for that is $25.

What are Vip's standard tolerances?

Download our 'Standard Tolerances PDF' here.

What does CPCS, CFT, MPCS and MFT stand for on the quotes?

  • CPCS = 100 pieces
  • CFT = 100 feet
  • MPCS = 1,000 pieces
  • MFT = 1,000 feet

Can you help me understand durometer?

The hardness of rubber is measured by a scaled called durometer. There are three scales, 00, A, and D. The most commonly used scale in the rubber industry is A. The chart below will give you an idea of how the numbers on the scale feel and should assist you in choosing the correct hardness for your application. However, as always, assistance is always just a phone call

Do you have a chart for converting fractions to decimals?

We sure do, you can see jump to our conversion help page. It is also available on our downloads page where you can print it.

Manufacturing Questions

What are Vip's lead times?

We do our best to manufacture your part as soon as possible.  View our CURRENT LEAD TIMES to plan your ordering and inventory. 

Does Vip do all manufacturing in the USA?

Yes, we are proudly manufacturing everything right here in the United States of America.  Have a look at our long history in the USA. 

Does Vip have anything in stock?

We are a custom manufacturer, so we typically do not carry anything in stock. We make parts to our customer's specifications as soon as they order.

Does Vip offer custom compounding?

Absolutely! Vip has a master chemist and a lab on-site and is equipped to create custom rubber and plastic compounds to meet specific needs. Please talk to your customer service representative or outside sales rep to discuss options.

Do you manufacture material to meet government specs?

Yes, we do. We offer custom material to match national stock numbers (NSN), and Mil-Spec materials. We also can meet ASTM designations.

Can Vip color match material?

We do offer color matching for plastic products. There is a $175 charge for this service. It is helpful if you know the PMS (Pantone color or name) of the color you want. Please note that color matching is not exact, however we can usually get within about three shades.

Other Questions

How do I pronounce the name Vip?

This is a question we get asked often. The correct pronunciation is Vip, all together as one word, and not V.I.P. The company is named for Howard Vipperman Senior, who was nicknamed Big Vip. Jump on over to our History Page to learn more about how we began.

Where is Vip located?

We have two locations. Our main corporate headquarters and manufacturing facility is located in La Habra, California. We also have a manufacturing facility in Minden, Nevada.  Find your support team