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We are a leading custom rubber extrusion manufacturer with unmatched quality and service.  We can extrude rubber profiles for customers to meet almost any application or need. 

Our manufacturing capabilities start with simple extrusions and extend to extremely complex extrusions. We have been manufacturing for over half a century, which means we have the experience and wisdom needed to help our customers solve their problems. 

Our extruders commonly produce extrusions in P-shape, D-shape, L-shape, T- Shape, U-channel, tubing, solid rod, closed-cell sponge, and any almost any other shape or profile. We truly are a custom manufacturer and create new products on a daily basis.  Some of our most popular products include weatherstrip, bumpers, gaskets, door and window seals.

Our rubber extrusion department can manufacture a wide range of rubber polymers including Silicone and Fluorosilicone, Chloroprene, SBR, NBR, Natural Rubber, Butyl, Viton, Nitrile, Neoprene, EPDM and others.  

With a fully equipped lab, we are able to custom rubber compounds when the common rubber polymers won't meet your need.  Often our customers need materials with special properties in order to allow their products to work well.  Creating custom compounds and solving problems are our specialty.  Allow us to look at your toughest projects.

Your custom rubber extrusion may be coiled for easy shipping and storage or cut in straight lengths to your desired size. When it's time to cure the rubber to its precise shape, we can form tight corners or complex designs.  We are experts in the pole-curing process as well.  

In addition, extruded parts can be manufactured, and then hot, or cold bond, spliced, and pressure sensitive adhesive can be added.  Color-matching is also available!

VIP Rubber and Plastic can meet your custom rubber extrusion manufacturing requirements for both time and specifications. We have a 5 axis wire EDM enabling us to produce in-house rubber extrusion dies of extreme complexity with precision.

At Vip, we understand that our customers need quality rubber parts that work perfectly within their unique application. 
We love helping our customer thrive, this is the heart of who we are.

Custom Extruded Rubber Manufacturing 

Materials We Work With

Chloroprene | CR | Neoprene™

Ecoprene | Vip Compound

Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer | EPDM 

Fluorocarbon | FKM | Viton™

Fluorosilicone | FVMQ

Natural Rubber | NR

Nitrile | NBR | Buna N™

Silicone | VMQ | MQ | PMQ | PVMQ

Styrene-Butadiene | SBR | BUNA S™

Thermoplastic Vulcanizate | TPV

Custom Compounding is Always Available

Extrusion Profiles 

 Material Specs 

 The Vip Difference 

 U-Channel BMS1-52 & BMS 1-57 Pole-Curing
 P-Shape BMS1-72 & BMS 1-74 Hot Bond Splice
 D-Shape MIL-PRF-6855 Cold Bond Splice
 L-Shape A-A-59588  Pole-Curing
 T-Shape ASTM Semi-Clean Room
 Bumper Mil-Spec PSA Application
 Cord AMS Chemist and Lab On-Site 
 Window Seal ROHS In-House Die Maker
Door SealFire Resistant
AS-9100, Rev. C with ISO9001
 Tubing UV Protection  ITAR Certified 
 Channels FDA Boeing Approved
 Complex ProfilesPending New Boeing Specs
 American-Made Since 1961
 Custom Shapes   Color-Matching 

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 Rubber ExtruderLarge Rubber Profile  Small Precision Rubber Profile

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