Deena Campana

Vice President

Named after my grandmother (Big VIP's wife) my name is Bernardyne...Deena for short. I am honored to have the privilege to lead this company into the next generation. My ultimate vision is to grow our business by treasuring the principles and values given to us by our predecessors. My educational background includes an AA in Mathematics from Saddleback College, a BS in Applied Mathematics with Computer Science emphasis from Chapman University and an MBA with honors from University of California in Irvine. If it's not already apparent, I should mention I love math...some might even call me a bit of a nerd! I developed software for over 20 years and got the opportunity to create the internal ERP system we are using today at VIP.

Aside from VIP, one of my biggest passions is MUSIC! I love all instruments, but the guitar is my first choice.

I look forward to continuing the success of VIP and helping our customers in every way possible.